Lymphatic massage body scrub

for beautifu land shining skin

Horse Force lymphatic massage scrub awakens your skin with mint aroma, gives it smoothiness, shining and enery load for the whole day.
The oils in its formula have anti-ageing effect, make it more elastic and improve its colour.
The skin becomes smooth, silky and has a shining healthy look. Your skin is ready for next treatments.


  • Mint and orange essential oils oils are famous anti-cellulite substances with a vasodilative effect which improve the flow of lymph, speed up metabolic activity and fat cells cleavage.
    The oils have anti-ageing effect make your skin more elastic and improve its colour!
  • Crushed walnut shells is a strong exfoliating agent, which provides a good skin cleansing and getting rid of keratinized cells


For a better result it is recommended to apply the scrub along the lymph flow: starting from the feet up your legs and then throughout the whole body. Immediately after the scrub it is recommended to use Horse Force Gel with horse chestnut and leech extract.


Apply a bit of scrub to wet skin with massaging circle movements. Pay most attention to the problem areas. Rinse thoroughly.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water thoroughly.


300 ml